Questions about the new RPi5 GPIO node

I'm currently working on the new RPi5 GPIO node.
I have questions for you about this:

  • Should the node be triggered cyclically or via the input?
  • Should only one pin per node be read/written (node input/output is True/False)?
  • Or should all selected pins be read/written (node input/output as an array)?
    What do you think ?

That's great news!

I'd like to vote for the decision that a new node addressing the specialities of RPi5 should be an update to the existing node-red-node-pi-gpio node. That might add a bit of complexity to the journey of developing this update - but provides the best experience for users. Those should not need to care about the differences in the architectures of RPi...

Given that the new node is an update to the existing, I'd follow the guidance & setup given there...

+1 for that, unless there is a strong reason for it being a new node.

If I move a flow from an older Pi to a Pi 5 I would hope that I would not need to update the flows to make it work.

Thanks @ralphwetzel and @Colin for the suggestions.
node-red-node-pi-gpio works with the Python RPi.GPIO library.
Unfortunately, this library no longer supports the RPi5.
I will use @TotallyInformation suggestion and take the linux GPIO character device method in C/C++.
When reading the GPIO input, the event method is used in node-red-node-pi-gpio.
First I will read the GPIO inputs with bulk.
Later I will add the event method because its implementation is a bit more complicated.
Unfortunately it will be a new node specifically for the RPi5,
as the distinction between the RPi models becomes very complicated.

If it is not practical to make it a new node (which I am not qualified to judge) then at least keep it compatible please, so that it is just a matter of switching node-types.

That might be the case - and that's why I'd like to see that covered by an experienced developer (like you!) rather than by Node-RED users. Under the hood of node-red-node-pi-gpio the implementation for RPi5 might be completely different than what's currently existing. I yet don't see any reason to change the interface or create a different node ... unless you hit a road block that is too big to be solved by this community - which I doubt can exist! :wink:

Ok, I'll probably develop my own RPi5 node.
Experienced developers can further develop node-red-node-pi-gpio.
Thanks again for the suggestions.

I'm not expert but there seems to be a drop in replacement rpi-lgpio. More info here -

Is online:

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