Questions from a Newbie - Looking for Help

Is this the update script? If it is, I am kinda scared to do that. Project is working fine now. If there is a way to undo it, then I can try it.

Yes this is the update script from the node-red documentation (see

Make a backup of the flow and config files to be safe. The following will copy the flow file to you /pi folder.

cp .node-red/flows_raspberrypi.json /home/pi/flows_raspberrypi.json
cp .node-red/.config.json /home/pi/.config.json

Thanks a lot for those commands!

I will run the update script, and let you know when I reboot after the update.

Flow didn't change, and I can see the "settings.js" now. Can you please guide me on using the package I found for water flow sensor?

@TotallyInformation already told you what to do. Do you have a problem with his directions? Did it not work?

I don't understand what to do. This is the link:

I should put the first 2 lines of the code below the steps, in the "setting.js", right? Also, I am only interested in seeing if there is a flow, or not. I found something for this in the readme file, but it is not here on this page. The main issue is I have no idea how to convert the data from this to something like msg.payload.