Queue or gate or function

Need some advice on the direction that I need to search for.

I have a MQTT node with msg.payload ON that stays ON for 3 sec and then goes OFF until MQTT sends out a new message. (Motion sensor)

Sometimes when the sun is shining harder the motion sensor is triggered and I get false messages.

So I would like to delay or trigger or gate or Queue. I don't know.

So only when MQTT sends longer than 5 seconds there has to be an output otherwise the message needs to be skipped.

Delay works but does not skip when message is lower than 5 seconds.

Any ideas?

A trigger node set to send Nothing immediately, Wait for 5 seconds, Then Send orginal message, Reset Trigger if msg.payload = "OFF".

Just to add to this - you might want to add in a switch node that will let the OFF messages bypass the trigger node

And if you don't want to get multiple OFF messages - then add an RBE node into the mix as well


I did a test with the second example and this looks OK.

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