Radio Thermostat CT-50 CT-80 Wi-Fi USNAP Module API

The Radio Thermostat API is an HTTP API that enables client programs to query the thermostat state, and to manage/control the thermostat operation. In the HTTP terminology, the thermostat will be a server that will respond to HTTP requests from client devices. The API is designed with a RESTful architecture in mind.

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I've setup a flow with the name Upstairs at the common thread for location. My intent is for you to get the code and find/replace Upstairs with whatever location you wish. Once the text is updated, you should be able to import into a new flow. I have decided to operate all of the Set commands through openHAB and not Node Red; therefore, this flow will only capture the Thermostat data. I have included some injection nodes for testing.

I prefer to use links to operate common use items such as calls to/from other APIs and MQTT brokers in order to keep the number of calls to minimum. Therefore, there is a From MQTT broker and To MQTT Broker link that you may wish to update to a MQTT broker node. Additionally, I pull the outside temperature from OpenWeathermap that is pulled form another, Master, flow where all my APIs and Brokers are linked.

The flow has been updated since the original is attached.RadioThermostatFlowV2.txt (99.5 KB)


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Thanks!! I have a CT50 that I've been using for a couple of years. Anxious to see how it works.

I've updated the flow to fix some errors I found while implementing in conjunction with openHAB

Looking good! Will have a play with my CT80

Hey there, I know this is a bit of a stale topic, but I was wondering if OP could share a .items and .things file from OpenHAB?

I've started integrating this, but it would save a ton of time if I could get your files to just add to mine.



I've attached an updated flow. RadioThermostatFlowV3.txt (101.9 KB)

Here's what I did. There are multiple ways to achieve this.

While in Paper UI, create a new "Generic MQTT Thing" named HVAC. Then create a "Number" Channel with MQTT state topic set to "HVAC/Upstairs/Temp" and MQTT command topic set to "HVAC/Upstairs/SetTemp". Repeat for whatever else you want to add to OH.


  • I use a flow named "Injection Master" that handles all my communications in and out of Node Red. i.e. MQTT, email, and other APIs. Therefore, you will see "Link Nodes" where the MQTT would normally be. I do this to keep the number of calls and puts down.
  • I've added "Comment Nodes" for notes in this flow. You'll see MQTT command topics and MQTT state topics for OH integration.