Rain sensor node

Everyone, Now I am doing one project with raspberry pi and node red. Now, I am working with rain sensor .But I can not find relevant node for rain detect sensor. Does node red have any node that can detect the rain and get the out put.

What sensor are you using? Without that information it is hard to advise how to read data from it.

Rain Sensor Module Rainwater Rain Sensor Module 3, 3V-5V
I am using this sensor.
If this one does not work pls share with me relevant rain detect sensor that one can work with node-red and raspberry pi

Please post a link to your sensor that shows it's specifications.

Maybe this will help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xnisf0GP9bA?

I am not sure I can use that in node-red.
Cause my project is about smart farming. It has more than one sensor.

One way to do it would be to install mosquitto on the Pi and modify the sample program to use MQTT to send the data to NR via MQTT.

If you google 'python rpi mqtt' you will find many tutorials out there.

okey. Noted and thanks

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