RangeError issue with buffer-parser node (Attempt to access memory outside buffer bounds)


node-red-contrib-buffer-parser is erroring with RangeError: Attempt to access memory outside buffer bounds, but is only receiving an empty array at the moment due to sensors being shut-down. It appears to be causing a noticeable slowdown with node-red deployment and loading (peak CPU load is around 5% on the RPi), and I'm not sure how to better handle this error.

Can anyone advise on possible solutions?

Many thanks,

Use a switch node to check the payload BEFORE it goes into the buffer parser. If the msg.payload.length is 0, don't let the message pass.

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Thank you so much! That has solved the issue with buffer-parser!

My connection to node-red is still sluggish, but I suspect that may be our clients' internet connection, or I need to implement stricter rate limits elsewhere in the code.

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