Problem with node-red-contrib-buffer-parser after upgrading node-RED

I work with the really ingenious buffer-parser-node but after changing Node-RED to version 2.1.4 I get a strange error. I have tried it on several platforms (Raspberry Pi and Windows PC) but the result is always the same:

The "Output" fields can no longer be selected. It appears, but when I click on it, only a blue frame is drawn, but no selection options are displayed as usual. Can anyone help me find a way to use it again?

I have to update this post. It depends not only on the upgrade process. I have updated Node-RED to 2.1.4 on a third system (also a Windows machine) and here it works fine.

And another addendum: I have uninstalled the buffer-parser-node on this third system and reinstalled it and now I am facing the same issue. So it seems only to appear if one installs the node on an existing 2.1.4 installation.

Hi. I have seen this and there is an open issue on the GitHub repository. I am working to fix and release an update soon (tomorrow?)

I have hesitated in sending out an update as it may be something that needs fixing in the core of node-red - however I have not had time to debug this.

I do know the issues are not present in 2.1.3. I also know it affects another of my nodes (node-red-contrib-omron-fins)

Short version - hold tight, a workaround will be published soon.

Ps, thanks for the compliments (disclosure, I am the author of buffer-parser)

Dear Steve,
thank you very much for your quick reply and even more for this perfect tool, it definitely makes 50% of the benefit of Node-Red for me :wink: I have reset Node-Red to 2.1.3 for now and everything works great again. Thanks again and all the best for the new year.
Best regards,

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