Node-red-contrib-buffer-parser failed to install

i am having a problem when i try to install node-red-contrib-buffer-parser
it gives me installation failed, and I don't understand why, can someone help me.
thank you.

It seems like your device can't see the flows repository. So check your internet connection to

Sorry, I'm new to the industry, how do I do this?

your device (where node-red is running - not where the browser is running) needs internet access to download extra nodes.

i start node-red on putty

ok, cool, but does the device/computer/server where node-red is actually running/executing have internet access?

i'm connected to the wireless network and to be able to start node red since i use a
iot2050 i use an ethernet cable to access the ip

Just because your computer can access the internet does not mean your iot2050 device will suddenly have internet access because you connected a cable to it.

Your device needs to be able to reach the internet.

That likely means you need to connect the device to a routed network and be on the correct subnet.
Also, if you are in a corporate setting, you will likely need proxy settings setup for the device.

Assuming you are in the workplace, you need to contact your IT people.

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