Failed to install any palette

Hello everyone,

i'm using Node red in Weidmuller u-create V1.1.2. I tried to install Node-Red_Dashboard but recieved a fail to install message. Same thing with other palettes.

Welcome to the forums @kMessaoud.

This suggests your Node RED box, cant resolve

  • Does it have DNS
  • Is it going through a proxy server
  • Can it access the internet OK

what happens when you ping from this machine?

i'm using a weidmuller controller (PLC), i'm accessing NODE RED through a web based software using a fixed IP address, the PLC itself doesn't have an access to the internet (it require an other module).
i pinged "" from my laptop,it was OK

What machine is NodeRed installed on? Does that machine have WAN access?

That's great! - but what about the machine running Node RED?

It is a Weidmuller UC20-WL2000-AC controller
i'm accessing to it using an ethernet cable .


The machine doesn't have an internet access

Then there is your porblem.
it needs internet access to install Nodes, as it pulls down nodes from

Ok, got it. it make sense now.
Thanks for your help mate, i appreciate it .

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There are ways of installing nodes on machines that do not have an internet connection. If you search the forum you should be able to find them.

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