Downloading NodeRED for windows 7

I tried downloading NodeRED into my laptop following exactly the instructions in the quickstart from the downloads page, but cannot install the npm packages...
Please help.
I am attaching an image of the output in the command prompt

The error suggests that is not accessible from the computer. What happens if you try to go to that address in a browser, on the machine you are trying to install on?

Hi Colin, I tried going to the link you mentioned and I attached a screenshot of it below.
Thanks :slight_smile:

So see if you can still reach the address on your browser and if you can, then try the install again

Hi ukmoose, I tried again and am still not able to reach the webpage (I am still getting the same page). Is there another way by any chance to install this software?
Also, to install this software, should I be able to access the page?
Thanks :slight_smile:

still can’t?
Your screenshot showed that you could…

So if you still get that response in your browser try the install again

I just tried installing nodeRED again into my laptop again and this time I got only errors... I am attaching an image of the command prompt below...

Thanks :slight_smile:


Google suggests that this may help
npm cache clean --force
npm -g cache clean --force

Yaay!!! Finally, I have done it!! Thanks a lot guys!! Although the output in the command prompt was funny... However, I will attach it below.

Thanks a ton :relaxed: