Rapid development platform of Internet of things based on node red

IOT fast, a rapid development platform for Internet of things based on node red, is a full process low code IOT platform, It provides rich equipment acquisition and control protocols (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, opcua, S7, FX serial, MC, hostlink, fins, Logix, mewtocol, FATEK, dlt645-1997, dlt645-2007, CJ / t188-2004, 104 power protocol) to quickly realize the data acquisition and equipment control of IOT sensors by dragging, while supporting the development of user-defined protocols, function calculation capabilities, database usage capabilities, etc, Meet various complex business needs. At the same time, IOT fast also has Internet of things cloud platform, video monitoring and design HMI application (it integrates scene elements of various industries such as industry / Agriculture / manufacturing, and can freely and quickly build its own Internet of things scene.) At the same time, there are mobile apps and small programs, which can freely view platform data and configuration scenarios at any place, helping small and medium-sized integrators to quickly build IOT industry applications and reduce the use cost of integrators.

We are from China. At present, we hope to find partners abroad. In the future, we will launch the low code development platform


Looks nice, really!

Can you give description how you secure transmission of data to clouds on Internet? I mean as example how you safeguard the data when transferring to MS Azure IoT Hub. Certificates, TPM module....

We haven't adapted azure IOT yet. We can add it if necessary, but we have adapted aliyun IOT. See the figure for details

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