Raspberry PI 3 - GPIO staus

First of all I'm absolutely beginner in Node Red and I need some help.
I'm trying for some days to get on dashboard status of 3 GPIO pins.
My scenario, one short description :slight_smile:
I made short automation fro my house heating module.
I have 2 sensors for reading temperature and one input pin for reading status of ambient sensor. Base ambient status and readings from temperature sensors I do some calculation and I'm starting or stopping heating module and pump.
My problem is:
I created one flow in Node Red to get temperature from sensors. I created in dashboard 2 gauges and it's work perfectly.
I created flows for pump and heating module using switch one function and text node to display on dashboard status ON OFF when I'm using switch.
Problem is that I did't succeed to get status ON OFF of pin when rasPI switch automatically the pin 0 / 1.
If I put in flow to read PIN status, the program from raspberry is not switching anymore the pin, I think because is used by other process, maybe Node Red I think.
If someone have any idea how can I read and display, command status of a pin and still to work from PI program I will by very grateful.
I put also a picture with my flow

Thanks in advance for your time and patience with a beginner :slight_smile:

Marian Sebastian

Your flow doesnโ€™t include any debug nodes

Debug nodes are your friends as it allows you to see the messages that are being passed between the nodes.

Often you will need to filter or reformat the data in a message. Check that the message your are sending to a node matched what the info panel for that node tells you the node needs. When you know what you have and what you need you can use the change node to modify the message

Do you mean you are trying to read and write to the same pin? You can't do that, a pin can only be an output or an input. Instead you can feed the signal that is driving the pin to the dashboard, via other nodes if necessary to set the text.
By the way, in order to simplify the question it is best just to concentrate on the bits that don't work, rather than complicate it with all the bits that do, though it is great that you have managed to get most of it going already :slight_smile: