About Design Raspberry and Node-red


I have a project with Arduino.

I just control temperature and some PLC inputs. If one of PLC connections pin status low, everthing is ok and we see a message in explorer " Everything is Fine " but if connection pin gets High we see a message “There is a problem” like this.

But I want to recreate this project with Raspberry PI 3 and node red… I can create temperature sensors node but, how can I create GPIO pins like alarm active or everything is ok.

Thanks for your helps


You can use the gpio nodes to read and write to the pins. They should have been automatically installed when you installed node-red (assuming you used the instructions from https://nodered.org/docs/hardware/raspberrypi)


Any example you know or see somewhere or you have how do this ?


You just put a gpio node on the flow, configure it and connect it up. What don’t you know how to do?