Node Red on Pine 64

Wondering if anyone has spent any time with Node Red running on the Pine64.

There is a pretty devoted following, not to the level of the Pi or anything like that, but the board has similar GPIO capabilities and supports a whole host of different OSs.

I've just started exploring Node Red on the RPi, and that got me wondering what I might be able to do with the Pine.

Full disclosure..I'm more a hobbyist/experimenter, so not a hardware or software guru to where I could look at the architecture and determine how complex it might be to create something similar to the nodes that are provided on the RPi version of Node Red..hence, my question.

Well there aren't any dedicated nodes yet... - but the ones we have actually call out to python - and there is some python love on Pine - eg
so you may be able to fork the Pi GPIO nodes and make a Pine equivalent

Ok, that makes sense now that I dig into the RPi nodes and see how they are constructed.

I installed node-red on a Pine last night, and figured I'd test using the RPi nodes. As expected, with the different I/O (while the pin layout and labels are somewhat the same, architecture is significantly different) design of the Pine, nothing worked.

While I now see what you are referring to as far as the possibly forking the Pi nodes, using the Pine version of RPi.GPIO, don't think I have the skill level with either python of node.js to have half a chance of making it all work.