Using GPIO via Node-red on the Jetson-Nano

I am used to use node-red on the Raspberry Pi to control the GPIO pins.
I manage to install Node-red, but I can't get the GPIO working from Node-red on the Jetson Nano.
Can someone help me?

I don't think there are any Node-RED nodes to control the GPIO pins on that board

Having said that - if your feeling lucky - it might just work if install the Pi gpio node , then find the folder where its gets installed, then edit

and replace the marked line with

import Jetson.GPIO as GPIO

then restart node-red and clear the cache in your browser

But your going to have to be very lucky :slight_smile:

hopefully they used the same pins - or they will need remapping as well... but looks like that should get you most of the way there... I someone wanted to create a nodes for that - that would be welcome.

I can't find the file on the jetson Nano

On a Pi its in


so if you can find your node-red folder on your Jetson, it might me in the same sub-folders

by default it won't be installed unless you have added the pi gpio node


Ref other thread when you said you tried this and it didn't work

What bit of of it didn't work?

Did you install the standard pi nodes and then modify to import Jetson.GPIO instead of RPi.GPIO ?

Actually if you just go into rpi.gpio module folder in node red. You'll find 2 py scripts. Open them and swap. Rpi.gpio for Jetson.gpio. it points the nodes in the right place and works great.