Jetson Nano Dev Chat

Hey, Everyone. New to the group but I wanted to get the ball rolling.
So using a Jetson Nano can be tricky. SO I figured this would be a great place to start up a chat and share our knowledge and ideas.
All the best,

Welcome to the forum.
If you want to discuss node-red on the Jetson Nano then this forum is the right place. If however you want to discuss the Jetson Nano alone you need to find a suitable forum.


Wow, if this is the vibe of this place. Not wasting my time here. Telling a new member what's what like that is really rude.
Of course I am here to talk Node-red on the Jetson nano. I've been working on custom nodes for the Jetson to use the gpio just like the raspberry pi node set.
The Jetson Nano is a relatively new board and support for it is quite low across the forums. The Nvidia developers forum has questions and one of those threads is a Node-red one, but no answers. But when I only saw three post on here. I wanted to start it on this side as well. So other developers using the board had a place to chat and get some collaboration going.
But out the gate, first post. I get someone who feels they can tell me "talk Node-Red or go somewhere else". Wow, not even worth it. Way to be the guy that sours a forum for a new member. I have better things to do than waste energy on a forum like this.

I think this is a good reminder to us all to measure our words carefully. The first time anyone posts, we know nothing about them, their background or their intentions. I understand what you were trying to say @ghayne, but let's remember to assume the best of those posting here and keep it positive and welcoming.

I hope @Odiezapha sticks around - I've messaged him directly as well.

I am also interested in implementing Node-RED on jetson nano and hope to participate in more discussion.

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I also have access (occasionally) to a nano so would like any tips or gotchas documented also.

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@Odiezapha My reply was not meant to be harsh but if you reread your post it does look as if you wanted to discuss the Jetson Nano generally. It would be sad if you decide to leave because of my post and I apologise if it caused you to decide to leave at all.

Here's the rub. I totally get what you were saying. But because you were confused. You made it my fault for your confusion. Always assume when someone post a serious topic on a forum, that it directly connects to the main topic of the forum.
That's why it is a general development topic. Because the Jetson nano needs support/development on the platform.
We're good and thank you for clearing things up.

Okay, I am not one to like having stupid negativity on a thread. I am cool with healthy debate. In fact I believe it is where some of the best ideas come from.
But this thread got started off on the wrong foot. So let's fix that.
Post goals: develop nodes and compatibility with the Jetson nano.
Talking points:
Node development
AI script triggers
Gpio nodes and pinout setup screen like the Raspberry Pi collection
Using Node-Red for Robotics
Integrating NeMo into Node-Red

Those are topics I have thought of but by all means add to the list.

Greetings @Odiezapha and welcome to the forum.

If this were your first post here, I would (respectfully) make a couple of suggestions. (Strictly my opinions, of course.) One reason (among others) that this forum is so successful and valued by its members is that people tend to post very specific questions, suggestions, requests, etc. and get specific replies. As a result, few threads persist for very long or have large numbers of posts. Open-ended "chats" are rare and don't seem very productive. To "develop nodes and compatibility with the Jetson nano" is a great goal, and the best way to advance it might be to post either a request for help with an issue you are having, a node or flow you have developed to support the nano, or something NR-specific you have discovered that might help other users of the hardware. I hope that you and other users of NR on the nano can develop an active community on the forum.

My comments are based on a few years of observation and participation on the forum, and others with equal experience may disagree. They are meant to be helpful and not in any way a criticism of what you have written.

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Just in case you missed it - here is previous discussion on how to maybe develop a gpio node for it

Yeah, I saw that. I even followed the suggestion in the thread. no such luck. It honestly is what inspired me to try and get this all started.

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I have two Jetson Nano Boards running Node-RED on them, mainly for video management and analytics. They are really great, a perfect device for Node-RED and especially, video content analytics and other AI applications I think

Oh I love that it is just a native download from the software manager. They really are powerful boards.
I'm part of a robotics builders club as well. Trying to see how much can Node-red really get integrated into the project. Using jetbot repos for the navigation, NeMo for voice activities and was planning on using Node-red for triggering and other random actions.

Can you join me on that thread please?