Raspberry Pi can't boot Node Red

Hi there,

we have a problem, the Raspberry Pi is not able to boot the NodeRed anymore after setting the time intervall of the injection node to short.
The injection node was used, to smaple data with the I2C node. It was working with a sample rate of 100 ms, but after setting the sample time to 10 ms, the performance of Raspberry Pi seems to be not enough to open Node Red again. (Only half page is loading in the browser).

Is there any possibility to use the files in the NodeRed folder to open the flow on another machine, without exporting?! Or is it possible to change the injection sample rate, within a file, so that we wouldn't need to open the NodeRed flow?!
Other than that, would there be any other possibility to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

p.s. Unfortunatly we can't provide any data, pictures or code, because we are not able to open Node Red in the browser.

HI @Alex

a frequency of 10ms is way lower than the node.js runtime would be able to provide. We really ought to put a lower limit on that node to avoid this.

You should find your flow file under /home/pi/.node-red/flows_<hostname>.json. Edit that file by hand, find the inject node in question and edit its repeat property to a more reasonable value - the value in the file will be in seconds. You should then be able to restart NR.

Thanks for that brilliant hint.
It worked quite well, when we changed the sampling time in the file and we can boot NodeRed again.

Cheers Alex