Raspberry Pi Desktop Installation


I'm running Raspberry Pi Desktop (https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/) in a VirtualBox VM and was hoping to install Node Red using the Raspberry Pi script provided here: https://nodered.org/docs/getting-started/raspberrypi

Unfortunately it fails at 'installing node.js'. I believe it is because the script is assuming an ARM processor. I have been able to install node.js and node red manually - but it doesn't come with some of the nice features, like being able to use the systemd script for running as a service.

Is there perhaps someone who knows how to modify the RPi install script to suit a i686 processor ?


You could try installing nodejs v10 separately as the script only installs nodejs if it doesn’t find an acceptable version.

I think they dropped i686 at node10 so you will need to install node8 manually

.... And then re-run the script to get the extras.

If in a VM you are better off using Debian or Ubuntu on 64 bit

Hi ukmoose,

Great idea! I didn't realise that. I just tried it, I had 8 installed and then ran the script.

Looks all good so far.

Thank you.

thanks dceejay

I'm not very familiar with the various versions of linux but i wanted a VM that mimics the Raspberry Pi as close as possible

Of course - Virtualbox doesn't emulate the ARM processor and that is where i got stuck.

Anyway, thanks - ukmoose's solution did the trick for me.