Re-install node-red-dashboard

I'm trying to re-install node-red-dashboard as the artless gauge node didn't show on the ui and I just started to explore the idea of a home automation dashboard on Node-RED so not much "production code" yet.

Have removed all nodes relating to node-red-dashboard but when I go to the palette manager it says node-red-dashboard "in use" and no option to re-install or remove. Do I have to disable all nodes first before I can continue?

How do I get out of this dead end?

FYI, Node-RED is running on IBM Cloud

there are probably some config nodes still being used - see Menu - configuration nodes etc... - you have to delete them first...

OR - you can just install manually outside of Node-RED. cd to your user dir - usually ~/.node-red and run npm install node-red-dashboard@latest - then stop and restart Node-RED.

That worked, thanks. Wasn't aware of this configuration node function to check what's used

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