Dashboard missing after update

Oh dear, so I have just updated the node-red-dashboad node (I only wanted a GUI spacer !!?!) from the palette manager and all the GUI nodes are now missing from the palette after a few restarts, and the designer is not happy:

I cant remove it from the palette as it says its all in use, and I dont want to start remove all GUI nodes & start from scratch.

I have tried stopping Node Red, then command
npm uninstall node-red-dashboard
then Node Red start and it still seems to be looking for the modules on startup:

I think I have saved all flows by just CTRL-A, export, then select all flows (I really hope I have !).

Help !

Thanks :frowning:

Why don't you install dashboard again and restart node red?

  • CD into your .node-red directory
  • npm install node-red-dashboard
  • Restart node red
  • Refresh browser.
  • Not likely but if necessary, re-import your flow & deploy

You also have some potentially serious errors at and off the top of the screen in your screenshot.

Which version of node.js are you running ? Latest versions of dashboard (and Node-RED) require nodejs v8 or better.
(10 preferred, but 12 also OK)

Hi folks. Thanks for the advice. In the end I did a full Pi update overnight and it came good. Must have been using some common library that needed updating.

Thanks !
Phew :slight_smile:

@Colin Hi. Ah yes there are 2 nodes that never behaved, the WebhookRelay and he camera, should probably uninstall those. Cheer.