Read and set .flow or .global typed input correctly


I use a typed input to let the user chose a context store:

I then get this as the value of the input:


Strange format to me but ok (any background info?).

But how can I set the typed input to that state - context and store? This is my result so far, not what I expect:

This is a bug in 2.1.1... fixed in 2.1.2

It has always used the 'strange' #:... syntax to encode the context store name into the property. But a bug in 2.1.0/1 meant it exposed it to the end user rather than keep it a hidden internal detail.

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Hi Nick, thank you for the fast reply.

I'm currently using 2.0.5. The 'bug' then could be older.

So the intended behavior is that


should result into this


And voila, after updating to 2.1.2 it works as intended!
Thank you for pointing me in to the right direction.


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