Read data from TCP/IP port


HI, I want to ask you the next one: I have a datalogger for temperature and I want to read the data with Node-Red.

How Can I do to read data form TCP/IP?



With so little details, it's almost impossible to help you.

What have you tried so far?
What is the make and model of this data logger?
What protocols does it communicate on (if any).?




This is the PC10 datalogger fron AOIP. I'm trying to connect with node-red by ethernet port.



Slightly more information but what have you tried?

I did notice This site mentions modbus.

Why don't you start there.



Do you know how Can I connect with node red?



Have you tried anything yourself? Have you searched this forum for modbus? Do you know what modbus is? Are you proficient with node-red?

Many solutions people achieve with node red are quite bespoke or unique. I doubt anyone has ever hooked up one of those devices so won't be able to tell you exactly what to do or where to start

My suggestion was look at modbus. It's a fairly simple protocol and there are many threads here on that topic. Use the search button. Do some experiments. Learn by trial and error.

The best I think you can hope for is that people help you when you have tried something and gotten stuck .

Good luck. I hope you succeed

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Yes, I have doing a ping from NR and I have the configuration software.

I dont know how Can I read data fro tcp port o modbus when I dont use the manufacturer software.

What info I would be wait?



The first thing to do is to research the product and find out how it can be communicated with. Once you know what protocol it uses and the details you need to know (such as, for example, if it supports modbus then what modbus registers it uses) then you can work out how to do it in node-red. The node-red bit comes last, after you know what the device provides.