Read data to buffer and write it to mysql


I'm new to node red and I want to develop a project that consists os reading data from modbus devices (already done), and buffer the data (to csv file or buffer), after I want to save the same data do mysql(also managed to save to my sql). I need to buffer the data because I don't want to loose any data if the DB connection goes down.
I main problem at the moment is I don't know how to clear the data once it's written to the DB. I already managed to save to file, and ringbuffer. But I'm lost with the part of managing the data while writing it to the DB.
Any help will be appreciated.



Welcome to the forum @ELParreira

This flow should do what you want. It queues messages until they are successfully handled. It can even retain them over a node-red or system restart if that is required. Ask if you can't work out how to use it for your application.

Perfect. Thank you Colin. I hope with time I get better with node red.

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