Writing and Processing Data to File


I will save the data in node-red to a file and then send the data here to sqle according to the old to new. Then I will delete the data I sent from the file.

I would appreciate if you can help.


What data?

What format?

what is sqle?

Is there a reason for writing to file in the first place?

What have you done so far? where are you stuck?

Another candidate for a flimflam valve I think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hello I collect data via Modbus TCP. We can record in the format we want. I am using mssql.

So far, I am writing the data to a file, but I could not write and delete the file sequentially.

In addition, I am currently accumulating the data in an array. I am writing one by one from there, but this fills the ram. And node red crashes (I think this is it).

Thank you for your support.

Can you clarify this. Provide a screenshot of the flow. Also, provide a screenshot of the write node configuration.

I write the data coming from TCP with File node. There's a total of 6 groups like this.

Then I transfer them to MSSQL as shown in the image (Currently done with array). How do I use and delete the data in the file after this part?

"Makina5_Array_Buffer" function node

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