File node install & Write file sample

Hello at all,

I need some help with the file node in Node-RED implementation. I would like to write the data from a table of datacloudant into a file ( CSV/XML or JSON). I have tried differente method but I dont get it how could I do. My problems:

  • At first I can't found the file in /'file out' node in the library palette of node-RED. Could you anything say how can I added to my palette
  • And after I would like see some sample how to write data in a file with Node-RED

Thanks you very much for your help
Best Regards,

Where are you running Node-RED ? Is this in the cloud ? If so the file nodes are not present as the ifile system is not persistent.

yes I run in the cloud. Then it will be not possible to write into file if is running in cloud?

I have found this document in tabulator: , will be possible to do with this method?

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