Read historical data and makes reports on dashboard using REST API

Hello Everyone,

I want to make a dashboard where I can give an option to the user to select date intervals and fetch reports accordingly. ( Ex- Meter1 Duration Date - 5 Aug to 10 Aug Result = Amp = 2.0 kW= 1250 PF= 6594 )

I have an API with me for every meter. also, I have stored values in the MongoDB server. can anyone please help me out.

What part don't you know how to do?

I want to fetch historical report as per interval set, i have API which pass entire data, so i need to develop dynamic API accordingly.


Generally, you will get better information / assistance here if you provide more information and show what you have done so far and which area you are having difficulties with.

Colin is, I believe, alluding to this approach above...

We are a very helpful bunch - but are not going to write an entire API interface, build a dashboard and debug it for you.

Please give examples of your data set after it is extracted from the data source (API) and specify how you have tried to route that to a dashboard.



I have used the HTTP request node and mentioned the GET URL along with basic authentication for retrieve data from the database.

when I inject and checked in debug it shown 401 Authentication cred. not found an error.

It would be great if someone helps me with how to pass the authentication header in node?

screenshot attached.

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