Read UINT64 From a SE iEM3250

Hi everyone.
I need to read the active energy counter provider by a Schneider Electric iEM3250 Modbus connected to my NR istance.

I've got to say in advance that as well the first 32bit of that value are enough, but as soon as I am a noob, I don't know how to build a buffer of 4 bytes from 2 words to build a payload as an unsigned 32bit integer.

The lovely goal is to make a function which handles 8 bytes (4 registers) and shot a 64bit unsigned integer payload to be used.

could anybody suggest me some tricks or guidelines?

You could feed the buffer from the output of the modbus node into a buffer-parser node

Here are some of the examples built in (you access built in demos from nodered menu, import, examples)...

Thanks Steve I try the 64bit BigInt example.

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