Reading energy meter data using modbus serial comunication on Raspberry Pi Node red programming tool

How to get data from thrid party devices like enegry meter using modbus-RS485 communication on Raspberry Pi using Node-Red programming tool?

Almost all of the nodes available for Node-RED are listed on take a look there and see if there is a node that meets your requirements

@ukmoose please help to configuration in raspberry pi to get modbus data using usb port.
i searched for the same but there was getting data using python in raspberry pi.
how to get data on node-red using usb port ? (rs485 to usb converter)
or any other method pl guide.
thank you.

most rs-485 devices can look like serial type devices to the PC. hopefully yours can too, and if so then the standard serial port nodes may work for you - or the modbus nodes that talk serial.