Reading four consecutive Modbus Registers for modulo 10k

Need the following
Read holding register 1620 - 1623

Preform math integer math function as follows from values in these registers
(Value of 162310000^3)+(Value of 162210000^2)+(Value of 1621*10000)+(Value of 1620)

Concerned if we do an individual read the math will not work as one output value so tried a block read of four (4) values starting at holding register 1620. The output of the block debug shows the values of each separated by a comma.

Have not found a Modbus block read that provides four output nodes to run the math. Is there a block that will allow us to take each value out and then do the math?


Why have you started a new thread?

What's different to this one...

Node Red Forum would not let me attach or send lager captures. Decided to make clear what I was trying to do. With a typical modbus block read I should be able to separate the output rather than getting a string such as 571,6584,16.0 Each one of these is a value that we need to conduct Modulo 10k math and add together.

Would modbustcp block to look something like this as best as I can show in text

IN modbustcp Out 1 (1620)* Out 2 (1621)*
Modbus Add 2 Out 3 (1622)*
Out 4 (1623)*

There should be four OUTPUT threads when I call four registers so each can be used.
Or what use is a block read?


You should read four registers in one go and pass it to the buffer parser node to convert.

Solution already posted in OPs other thread

Have been using Modbus reads for decades. While reading four registers the out put of the block (node) would typically produce four output links. the modbustcp node I am using allows to configure for a block read but does not produce individual output links for the data being read. The debug shows all four values each separated by a comma. Do not know how to turn these into individual values to use. Buffer Parser node still outputs the four values as aaaa,bbbb,cccc,dddd and does not provide output threads that allow me to use the values separately. Thanks,

Steve-Mcl. Many thanks for your help. Unfortunately while attempting to load BigInt from the Pallet Library Node-Red produced a "Fail to install:" message with an "Install failed" and "Check the log for more information" statement. Not BigInt does not show up in the Palette Install tab with a key word search. Running v3.0.1 with Windows 10. The error logs for this appear to be gone. Any other ideas?
Thanks, Hans.

No one said to install anything called "BigInt"

I gave you a solution on your duplicate thread using a built in function node.

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