Real time data display

Hello I would like to know if it's possible to display that data in real time in the CLI. When I receive a date it appears autmatically in the CLI like when we listen in MQTT ?

Which CLI?

You will need to supply a LOT more context here.

CLI of the system where node-red is install.
And I would like to know if it's possible to display some payload from node-red to the command prompt.
I want to display the data in real time on the command prompt.

Not really the point of Node-RED which is, after all, a web-based visual programming tool.

The problem is that the command line is difficult to post to except by running a persistent command. An example is Node-RED's log output - that is realtime - but to display it on the command line, you have to run a command such as journalctrl or maybe tail depending on how you are looking at the logs.

Of course, with something like MQTT involved, it isn't at all hard to write a node.js application that simply listens to an MQTT topic and outputs the results to stdout which is the command line.

Another alternative would be to output data to a web interface of course and this is quite straightforward for Node-RED and I've posted a couple of examples in the past about logging to a web page.

On the debug node, Tick the check box labelled "system console"

Thanks you for your help I didn't know this.

Ok thanks you for your precision I will see if I can do a web page for th futur !

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