Run time problem

i want to that how can i gave input at run time in node red is there is any option for that to gave input at run time

Do you have any more information to add?

What input?
What protocol?
Hardware input?
Timed input?
Dashboard input?

You're gonna have to give us more to go on.

Ps, the answer is yes.

basically i am working on arduino so in arduino i written a code for real time and date .
so when i run the program then i have to gave input in serial monitor .....Untitled
similarly i want to take this command on node red so how i can use in node red at run time to find real time and time

Does your Arduino have network/wifi? If so, you can integrate an MQTT client.

Otherwise you're limited to the serial port. You could use the serial node for that.

sir i am using serial port for that but my question is how i can gave input in node red at run time
in node red i am using serial port but this port is use for collect data to arduino and send output through node red that is fine .
but for data and time i have to gave input so is there is any option to gave input at run time in node red like in arduino

I have never tried that, because all my controllers have some sort of network connection and use MQTT for communication.

But I think in your case the only way of communicating is the serial port node. You'd have to close all other applications that use the COM port, of course. Access is exclusive. Sorry I can't help you any more than that.

That really doesn't make much sense and you didn't answer if you have any WiFi or network connection on the Arduino.

In order to cause an input in node red, there has to be a connection between the Arduino and the pc/pi/server running node-red.

For example, if your Arduino took the data from serial and sent it to an MQTT broker, then node-red can very easily pick-up this input.

What hardware is node-red running on?
What connectivity options do the Arduino and the node-red machine have?

If you already have the serial port working with the Arduino IDE you can stop that and use a serial-request node instead. You can then inject your "command" into that and the reply will come back from the Arduino. As @kuema said you cant have the IDE running at the same time as only one thing can talk to the serial port at one time.

@Steve-Mcl OP has already said they are using an Arduino and shown the serial terminal - so let's not over complicate this.

I'm not certain I am. The op said...

To me that reads as he's using the Arduino serial port to collect data hence my asking what other connectivity he had.

and he wants to send commands to it as well - what's the problem ?


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