Website Source for node-red and arduino

Hi. I'm searching for sources that I can find for arduino and node red other than led blinking or shows sensor value or control firmata led Blinking/ servo motor. Is there any source that I could search in terms of controlling and data logging arduino using node red? Let just say if I want to make multiples dc motor moves unlimited by clicking a button on a node red dashboard and it stops when the room gets darker. How can I find source for this kind of project?

I've not tried this but you can take a look at this:

I'm not sure what you're looking for. The Arduino can't run native NR, so you'll always need a proxy such as firmata or LLAP (or write the functionality yourself).

You could use MQTT to pass messages from NR to your Arduino sketch rather than serial.

Well, there have been plenty of examples over the years in the old Google Group.

There are 2 main methods that are used. A direct (serial/USB) connected Arduino and a network connected Arduino (or ESP8266 or similar).

When serial connected, you simply print to the serial port and use the serial in node to receive the data in NR. Just be aware that serial comms are not always totally reliable. Recommended to keep messages short and don't let them arrive too quickly.

For a network connected device, most people will use MQTT as an intermediary since that is exactly what it is designed for. You can send single values or serialised JSON according to need. Queuing and delivery are taken care of my the MQTT broker so you don't need to worry so much about them. There are Arduino libraries for MQTT, a commonly used one is written by Node-RED's very own Nick.