Receive image from remote raspberry pi

Hi all,

I just finished part one of my doorbell project.
I'm using a Raspberry with a push button connected to publish a MQTT topic to my MQTT server which also runs my node red install. For that I'm using which works quite well and is simple enough (for me to understand).

Part two is the picture. I have a camera connected to the remote Raspberry and want to send the picture and ideally a short videoclip to my main node red raspberry for further processing e.g. displaying in dashboard and sending it via telegram or email.

Did anyone of try that before? raspistill and raspivid are both working locally...

Ideally I would like to trigger a still or vid via MQTT and then publish the result to the MQTT server.

I though about using node-red also on the doorbell device but I want to keep it very simple...once this doorbell device is running I want to forget about it and not touch it again.

Thanks for any tips/advice/script


There are flows on such as this

which shows an example of using raspistill and then sending to the dashboard.
You can also base64 the image once in Node-RED and then send via MQTT.

You can also use something like MotionEyeOS for the backend, connect that "directly" to NR, then the trigger/notification world is your oyster by using Telegram etc.

This is the way I have done it.