Transfer images between 2 node red install ( pi - windows )


I am looking for some advice.
I want to send an image from a windows pc to a pi both running node red.
Now i think about ftp to do the transfer or send the data file trough mqtt but i guess that is not ideal

What should you advice to do this? and why so i learn from it :wink:

You can use MQTT to send images (just tested it and it worked fine)

Depends how much and how often I guess. How large are the images, and at what frequency would you like to send it?

I send still images from Pi cameras using MQTT, which works well, though I agree MQTT is not an ideal channel for this. I push the raw image data through a Base-64 encode node before transmission which allows them to be directly displayed on a dashboard on the receiving end with a simple template node. Been doing it this way for a couple of years without any issues.

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serious? thats cool. Thought it would be to much for mqtt

Cool i am going to test it, thanks

The payload of the message is limited to 268,435,456 bytes. this is defined by the spec.

No problem unless you have some serious imagery :wink:

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