Receiving inputs but outputs not sending/coils not opening and closing between 2 IOEX-4422 radios

Hello everyone, I'm hoping to find some answers on some Freewave programming through NodeRed. Hoping someone is proficient in this and is able to help. We've tried everything and nothing is seeming to work.

We are receiving our inputs but our outputs are not triggering. We have our programming in this order on the designer

Inject > Function 1 > Modbus Flex Getter > Function 2 > Modbus Flex Write > Modbus Response

Are we missing something in this to trigger the output?


Hello Brad,

Im not familiar with these Freewave equipment but since you are able to read, i guess that means its not a problem with the communication of the radios.

Is the device you are reading and the one trying to write, the same device ?

would it possible to share your flow to check the configuration of the Modbus nodes and see what msgs you send to them ?

Do you get any errors when you try to write ?

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