Recommendations on how to do logging through function nodes

I've read through the docs about logging here Logging : Node-RED where it mentions that there's several log levels. However... I haven't found how I can actually log to these different levels in a function node. What I have observed however is that

node.error() produces error
node.log() produces info

but where are the other log levels and how do I produce a log with that level?

Going through console there's no filtering whatsoever, I guess this is what nodered uses under the hood?

Did it occur to you that if console has those functions, maybe node does as well? :wink:

If ever you want to discover what properties an object might have, this is good code to know:

msg.payload = Object.keys(node)
return msg

Add a debug node after that function node and you will see all of the properties.

That didn't occour to me at all :sweat_smile:

With that said though it would probably be a good idea to explicitly state this in the documentation.
Cause to me running Object.keys(someObject) on every framework related object doesn't feel like a good developer experience. I'd be happy to make PR for it but I can't find a documentation repo.

It has been documented.

I believe all of the relevant properties of the node object ARE documented. The object.keys trick is just that, a quick and dirty trick do dump the structure of an object.

Actually, it is a pretty decent developer experience for something quick and dirty when you don't want to hunt through the documentation :grin: I certainly wouldn't expect anyone to have to do that regularly.

In this case, the logging functions follow a very standard naming convention anyway. And they are indeed documented.

I had a hard time finding that section when googling as I could only find the Logging : Node-RED page. Suggested a change in the docs so hopefully no one else does the same mistake.
[Docs] Add link to logging API in logging section by brolaugh · Pull Request #307 · node-red/ · GitHub

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