RED.plugins.registerPlugin is not called

I have developed a simple plugin, the associated js file is never called although the associated html file is loaded.

Therefore the code I have for RED.plugins.registerPlugin seems to be never triggered:


module.exports = async function (RED) {'/test', RED.auth.needsPermission('notify.write'), async function (req, res) {

    RED.plugins.registerPlugin('myplugin', { type: 'myplugin',
        onadd: function() {
            console.log('plugin added')


"node-red": {
    "version": ">=3.1.0",
    "plugins": {
      "myplugin": "myplugin.js"

ADMIN EDIT: Use code blocks for code

You seem to have a mix of client side code and server side logic.

See this gist: Example Node-RED that adds a sidebar panel in the editor · GitHub

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