Red-ui-sidebar-shade hide, prevents added side bar to be clickable


Reading RED.sidebar : Node-RED, I added a side bar and when I open that sidebar, the following html element is added to the sidebar html code:

"< div class="red-ui-sidebar-shade hide" style="display: block;">"

The above div prevents user from clicking items inside the sidebar, is there any events too register or listen and remove that annoying div ?

Hi, welcome to the forum.

I assume you are creating a new plugin or node with a sidebar?

I also assume you mean this "shade" is visible (blocking) at "certain times" (like when a nodes edit panel is open) - is that your issues? Are you trying to keep the side bar accessible while editing a node?

In the doc you linked to:

enableOnEdit (optional) If set to true, this tab will be accessible whilst the edit dialog is open. Default: false.

this means the sidebar can be accessed at those times it would otherwise be blocked. e.g. when editing a node or searching, some side bar operations are (and should be) blocked.

Judging by your 2nd post, this is definitely about Developing Nodes - i will adjust the category to suit.

Thanks for your reply. It worked.

At the moment, it only appears when I double click a flow or a node, is there any event that I can call the "RED.sidebar.addTab" without a need to double click on flow. I mean as soon as the app is ready to use, the new tab can be added ?

That should happen already if you are defining it in a "plugin" I think.

Unfortunately the plugin I defined did not work. that is why I asked another question in a separate topic:

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