Referencing Network variable Value in a function node

Hello how can i reference a network variable value in the payload of a function node? Thanks

Sorry - can you put a debug node on the output of that WAGO PLC node and the Netvar receiver and then post a screen shot of the debug window so we can see what it is putting out


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Sorry for being unclear,

Netvar-receiver just contains raw values of a UDP Network sender variables from a PLC programming software called e!cockpit.


FYI netvar-receiver has a bug with negative Reals. Better is to use one of these nodes: Node-red-contrib-nvl or node-red-contrib-netvar-utils.

The first one is a node I created and is easier for referencing data as it's outputs everything as an object. No need for searching over the array to find the correct value, as you will need to do this with your current node.

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