Node-red-plc-next-connector : no access to the variables

I use NodeRed 3.0.2 on a device from PhoenixContact (based of Debian) AXC F 2152.
I use the node-red-plc-next-connector which permits to access to the variables of this device.
The node Read Variables presents the list of the variables accessible in the device : OK
But the values of these variables are not visible.
The node even doesn't return any msg, even if it tells that the device is 'Connected'.

I just get an error:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'publish')

Here is the content of the node:

        "id": "bfa20fb3e06bd40e",
        "type": "plc-read-variables",
        "z": "96606ba47e578760",
        "plc_connector": "b17d34f713647319",
        "variables": "Arp.Plc.Eclr/ESM_DATA.ESM_INFOS[1].TICK_COUNT,Arp.Plc.Eclr/MainInstance.currentTimeRTC,Arp.Plc.Eclr/MainInstance.currentIEC61850TimeStamp,Arp.Plc.Eclr/MainInstance.varIEC61850_TimeQuality,Arp.Plc.Eclr/MainInstance.firstCycle,Arp.Plc.Eclr/MainInstance.counter,Arp.Plc.Eclr/MainInstance.toStack",
        "searchbar": "",
        "x": 330,
        "y": 340,
        "wires": [
        "id": "b17d34f713647319",
        "type": "plc-connector",
        "host": "",
        "station_name": "PLCnext",
        "session_timeout": "5000",
        "api_version": "v1.4",
        "auth_required": "true"

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