Read Variables OMRON NJ101 or NJ301

How can I read data from an NJ301 or NJ101 OMRON PLC from node-red?

I am trying to use the "FINS Read" node of

In the GitHub description says it works for NJ, but when trying to read a variable I get:

"Response is NG! endCode: 2108, endCodeDescription:Write Not Possible: Cannot change."

How should the node and the PLC be configured?
I attach the OMRON configuration. For the NODE-RED I followed the specifications in the webpages

show me your connection setup.

Also, refer to the - it shows you the necessary steps to make it work with an NJ/NX

In particular - you need to add global variables with the AT address set.

Thank you for your reply,

You can see how the global variable is set in an image of the first message, with address: %E0_9000.

I attach the images of the setup in node-red


looks ok :thinking:

Can you answer a few things...

  • can you ping the PLC from the node-red machine?
  • can you verify the IP of your node-red machine is definitely
  • what is the subnet mask of your node-red machine?
  • what is the subnet mask of your PLC?
  • is there a firewall between node-red machine and PLC?
  • are the PLC and SYSMAC Studio projects synchronised?

things to try...

things to read...
I helped another user who had similar difficulties setting up in this issue - perhaps that would be some help?

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