Remote observation of published MQTT values

I am new at both node-red and MQTT protocol. I use mosquito as a broker in my local computer.
I want to observe my values remotely. By saying remotely, i mean outside of node-red dashboard. I guess i need to use a web service in order to accomplish that.

My question is that is there a free web service that i can use to see my published MQTT values?

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Have a look at mqttexplorer.

This might help you:

I recently used this node, it might work for you, too.

I'll second that suggestion. Very easy to set up and use, and shows detailed message information.

Do you mean on your local network or from an external location?

If on your local network then as @Colin and @molesworth suggested use mqtt explorer. If outside your local network then use a cloud based MQTT broker and you should be able to see data on their site.

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