Remote acess to node-red instance

Is it possible remotely access a node-red instance? Sort of accessing internal variables (context stores), specially if running in docker containers with no shared file-system.

There are a LOT of threads on the forum that cover this. Maybe start by checking out the FAQ's.

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Also you need to define better what you mean by that.
Remote across the internet, or just on a local network without a shared file system?
Access the editor or dashboard via a browser, or just some way of transferring the data between two systems?

I run several node-red instances to perform multiple functions. I need a central dashboard to present to status of each process running on a different nodered instance. So far each dashboard does that, just need a single dashboard for all of them

Then just use MQTT and output the status from each instance, pick up the statuses in the central instance. Nothing else needed unless you need it to work over the Internet (which you've still not indicated).

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I always drive my dashboards as @TotallyInformation suggests. All data to the dashboard goes through MQTT and all messages from the dashboard go back to MQTT. Therefore I can run the dashboard (or sections of it) on any of the machines on the network that have access to the mqtt brokers.


"remote" is whatever not in the local node-red host. In this specific case is an AWS VPC spanning multiple subnets but going across internet would not make a functional difference.

I think the MQTT approach is a good one, while adding some health check method to determine the instance fully operational.


Thanks for the suggestion! a very practical one! I was considering leveraging SYSLOG model, but MQTT must prove simpler.

In the case of the internet, it should not matter in whatever scenario traffic traverse internet: dedicated public IP, port forwarding, over VPN, etc. TCP/IP+rules would take care of moving those packets.

again, thanks!

It absolutely would if you have any sense whatsoever.

Not from a Node-RED flow perspective but certainly from a safety and security one.

That's fine, we just need to know that you understand the issues and are dealing with them and that you understand that connecting any Node-RED system direct to the Internet without suitable protections isn't just a disaster for you but contributes to issues for the rest of the Internet as well.

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Whatever security requirement on moving traffic over Internet is a totally different subject and addressed in a different domain...provided the functionality exists (hence the "functional" difference)

Still internet is quite a broad concept, that is why I mentioned for instance, scenarios like VPN over internet , TCP/IP+rules (firewalling, ACL, etc). I should say that is my area of expertise and have all the sense to address that. :wink:

thanks again!

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