Remote-red it´s free?

hello everyone, sorry to bother you with this question, but the Remote-red application is totally free?, because when I click on the MANAGE INAPP PURCHASES option, prices appear, I still don't know what this option is for or what what they really offer, I was able to remotely access my laptop's dashboard with this application and I don't know if there are any limitations, I hope I made myself understood, thanks in advance.

AFAIK - no-one on this forum is associated with Remote-RED so we'll rely on you to tell us about it :slight_smile:

Interesting! Just had a look at their help section. The last line states:

" Can the function be tested before paying?
The Remote Access feature can be used a few times without an InApp purchase. The push notifications also work for several days without an InApp purchase. This is to test if it technically works and if the features are useful for you."

So, it appears the app must be eventually purchased even though I could find no pricing structure on site...



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last line of the first section:

The price of InApp purchases depends on the operating system and your country. These vary and change, for example, when tax rates change. Therefore no price list is shown here.

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To paraphrase the info about the mobile app on Android:
"This app is financed by in-app purchases. If you think software has to be free ... you are wrong wih this application."
Slightly ironic that the product is all about accessing Node-red, which is free.

There are ways to remotely access your Node-red dashboard which are free, at least for personal use.

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