Remove empty line in CSV

node red problem
hai guys, how do i remove empty line? thanks, im still new in node red

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Dumb question, but why not get rid of the blank line by stopping the program making the file making it?

It is just to me that would be the first way I would attack this problem.
Sorry I can't be of more help.

But: It can be done. (Anything can be done, it is just knowing how to do it)

You would read in the file (I'm guessing text) and look at each line.
If the line is empty don't send it.

But as you are new to node-red that is not that easy. Or: I don't know how to do it easily.

Thanks bro, i already done it, thanks

So if you have done that, has it fixed the problem?

yap, i fixed the problem

Hi, good to know that you got it solved. for the benefit of other users who might end up with similar issues, it would help if you post the solution, if you may find it suitable.

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