Removing or making the ui_text not have a background color

Hello - I figured out how to add a background to my ui using the template node, now I would like to remove the background of the text node, I don’t want a background color, just need it to see through to the new background.
I tried different variations of style including

nr-dashboard-text {
opacity: 0.10;


but haven’t been able to figure it. Is it possible to have a transparent background?

As is not possible to make appear and dissable tabs or buttons I made a small trick that maybe is interesting for you.....

When the air conditioner real status is off only the on button is shown, I change the text and background of the other buttons to be hidden with same color that the dashboard background, from other side and to avoid issues also the buttons are disabled with a switch at the out of each button what makes that are no only hidden, there is an empty space that does absolutely nothing.

In this case is shown like this.


From other side once the air conditioner real status is on, the all buttons appears and are doing different functions when you push and the on button is gone (if the air is already on has no sense to have a push button to set it on...)

Then looks:


Hope you or someone else like the idea and helps u somehow.


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Hi, could you give me an example how you made the buttons semi transparent?