Replace a heavily wired node

I have found myself in the situation a few times where I would like to insert a node right before or after a heavily wired node, or the heavily wired node has to be replaced with another node altogether.

Unless my search keywords are wrong, I can't seem to find any way of accomplishing this without having to reconnect all wires manually.

I imagine the ability to Ctrl+Click a node just as the canvas, or to avoid mistake Alt+Del a node and have the node selection menu drop down (allowing a change to another node with wires still attached).

Simplest use case for me would be to take multiple inputs to a node and re-connect them to a no-op node - which is what I often wish I had done to begin with.

I understand that I may be the only idiot who thinks this has merit :laughing:, but why not ask?

shift click is the answer - will move a group of wires in one go

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I feel silly now that I see the answer, and sorry for posting in feature request first. It did take me a few tries to convert the instructions to use, but absolutely brilliant!

Thank you for the time @dceejay, on to an even better NR experience.

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