Why did no-one mention shift-click on a node to select all connected nodes

.. oh wait - they did..

but buried it beyond my attention span :slight_smile:

I don't know what I'm going to do with all the time I'm going to save from now on! :slight_smile:


Left and right shift click both get confused if there is more than one route between two nodes
(Node-Red 2.1.3)

Right shift click on switch works, left or right on change 1 or 2 selects the whole flow.

Selecting all with shift click is not a feature I would use much, I'm used to CTRL A selecting everything, across multiple applications.

Please do raise an issue if something isn't working right - you can't guarantee we'll see bug reports in replies to topics.

I'm talking about how it is very useful to select all the nodes that are connected to each other

I normally have quite a few on the one tab and this makes it dead easy to select each one and move them altogether as one without having to drag mouse pointer around them all -which is very tricky if they don't form a rectangle and interfere with other nodes! : )

Well I would raise an issue, except I only discovered this feature from Simon's post today so maybe I have not fully grasped what it's supposed to do.

Also I fairly recently discovered grouping nodes and how you can move a whole group together, but groups change the way clicking on a node works. Not sure that shift click is compatible with groups.

Shift click in groups works, but you have to click 3 times. Once to select the group, twice to select the node, three times to select linked nodes :grinning:

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