Move all nodes below cursor in node-red editor to make space for adding new nodes

When extending my flows with new nodes I often have to move all nodes below it to make space for those new nodes. For this I need to zoom out so that I can select all nodes below it and then move them all at once a bit lower on the canvas. After that I zoom in again so that I can position my new nodes on the free space.

I am just wondering if there is not a more easy way to do so ?

Is there not a short cut that allows me to move all nodes below my cursor a few pixels (like you press enter in a text editor) ?

An alternative is that I can easily select all nodes below my cursor (without the need to zoom out).

FYI here an example of such big flow diagram where this feature would become handy.

If they are all connected "downstream" - then you can select them - see Selection : Node-RED - but not if they are free floating.

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Thanks - I wasn't aware of this feature.
In my case I cannot use it as I have free floating nodes below it.

Sure you can.

  • Deselect all nodes (click whitespace)
  • hold CTRL-SHIFT
  • Click the center of a node on each flow you want to select
  • drag them to new place


For my flow that would be even more work than zooming out and selecting everything you want to move.
Note that I have a big flow that doesn't fit on my screen unless I zoom out.

I agree - but I was clarifying (for you and future readers) it can be done.

I agree it would be useful to select all nodes "below" or "above" or "to the right" etc however this is just one of those annoying but mostly infrequent tasks you just have to get on with :slight_smile: (i.e. not certain the effort is worth the benefit)

Select menu > edit > select all > click on a node and hold down mouse button > Now you can drag all nodes. You can deselect what you do not want by holding down ctrl.

Or on my chrome browser I can drag a square around all nodes and using up/down/left/right buttons I can move screen down to make select square bigger and wider.

I suppose you could also (without zooming out quite so far) - select all - move all down - knowing that unseen ones will also move - then re-select just the top ones instead and move them back up to create space.

I tried using up/down/left/right buttons on my macbook in chrome after I dragged a square around some nodes but that deselects them.

Try keys A,D,W,S. They are configure to scroll left, right, up, down

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