Shortcut to move all nodes above/below? Ripple move?

Hey gang,
Sometimes you want to create some space in the middle of your flow page for some more nodes. If it's at the top, it's easiest to select all with CTRL+A and drag them all down, but not as easy if it's in the middle of your page.

It would be great if we had a modifier key that could be used to make this process easier.
This is how I see it working:

Hold CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and drag a single node down = That node and all nodes below it will be moved down.

Hold CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and drag a single node up = That node and all nodes below it will be moved up.

What do you reckon?

All the best,


I believe you can do this now.

Just SHIFT CLICK on a node and all connected nodes are selected.

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Thanks Andrew, but not quite correct. My proposed solution would not rely on all nodes being connected, which they often aren't.


The way I currently do this is first, as you say: CTRL-A mark all nodes, move all nodes down appropriate amount in the page.

Then zoom out: CTRL-mouse wheel. This shrinks the page contents so you can see it all.

Then select (mouse drag over) the nodes to move down. They are highlighted.

Drag those nodes down the page - this opens the gap at the requisite position.



Just what I was going to suggest :grinning:

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Thanks @paulkeates and @molesworth. As a UI/UX designer, I can't help but make suggestions like this when I can see a way to increase workflow efficiency! :smiley:

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A very underrated occupation! I spent a lot of years in game development and the UI was often bodged in without much thought, especially in "the old days".

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